27 08 2010

I went down to the dojo last night, as my Chan group is on break I took the opportunity to get some Kyudo practice in. Sensei was going to have me help with a few new students however they did not show. I therefore got to receive a check over myself.

I was in a group of relative beginners. They had just started shooting. I was last in the line. It had been awhile since I sat Kiza and even longer since I had to wait that long! OMG! The new guys had a hundred corrections, I was dying! Also having a foot injury did not help. It was brutal. I have to make a point of doing regular Kiza practice even if I do not get to shoot.

My draw over all was not bad there was a couple of small adjustments. My Tenouchi on the Yumi needs work still. I was not holding it flat enough on my palm. Also when Uchiokoshi I am tending to straighten my arms too much. I am returning to an old habit. When doing the scooping. I need to maintain the mind of Tai Chi. We do that same motion as part of the opening but the scooping throws me off.I need to reach with my back and shoulders not the arms.

The big problem I had for the evening and my first real conflict in teaching instructions. Nogami Sensei a Hanshi told me when I am in Daisan my left elbow should be down facing. Arm straight , elbow facing down. This Sensei here a Rokudan is telling me my elbow should be facing out to the side which gives my thumb more leverage to push…
Great!! This maybe one of those things I need to practice as two styles and use whichever is needed at the time.

Nogami Sensei is the more experienced teacher however, I am not there in Japan now…

Finally there was also a bit of suggested politicalness  that I found disappointing after class. Not really much of a shock though… just makes me very sad. The correctness of the act I understand.  The ignored otherwise, but drawn into this part, is disharmonious to my spirit, or maybe it is just my ego. I will be doing some serious meditation on this for a while. There is a certain mount of Giri I need to do, regardless. Like those old Samurai movies, duty to the clan sort of thing. These things are just part of the larger training and life journey, a form of test to my commitment. Anyway, I need to maintain my focus and be the Bamboo…Yosh!