New Boat, New Ya… First Sail, First Shot

21 09 2010

Con’t from the sailing blog…

A brief recap: On my first weekend off in a month I spent part of the time doing some sailing stuff with the retirement vessel the Zenamaran. LZ and I went to a All Islander Yacht gathering and hung out a bit with our Osaka Posse on Friday night.

Sat. I did some boat stuff and went to shoot photos of the yacht race. Sunday morning and early afternoon I took the Zenamaran out for the first real sail. Afterward I headed out to RSD to get some Kyudo time in…

I had wanted to get a full practice in, which for me meant Zazen, Taichi, Taihai , and standing form. However with the time running late from the midmorning sail I just did the Zazen and the standing form.

The Ya that I waited two months to come from Japan looked good. Even though low cost they had the stylish kind of look I wanted. I also had ordered them a bit longer than I needed to give me more room to expand and be comfortable and safe. With some of the other Ya I have I have to back off some.

So as good as they look the real test is in how they fly. They did well smooth flights. It did take me a few rounds to adjust to them and to get back in form from not shooting for several weeks.

It was a pretty quiet afternoon of shooting. My sempai came by also. I had not seen him in a while so just the two of us had a peaceful shoot. He brought by one of Symanski Senpai’s new generation Yumi and suggested I try it.It was outstanding…

It a little more solid than my spring princess and a little stronger draw. I could feel the difference just holding it. I gave it one round round of shots which was four arrows…Nice!!! Great feel to it. It fit me nicely. A good weight, good power I could feel the difference in my shooting from the first shot and my grip.

I gave it four shots then I had to put it down. Not because I was asked too, but because I needed to do so. Otherwise I would have gotten to hooked on it, and like a drug wanted more and more shots. As it is now it has already worked into my brain and I can sense my subconscious thinking on how to acquire one.

I have way too many other important Needs right now to even think seriously about spending that kind of money for something I am not using almost on a daily basis. However it will be a good bow to start the new path in Japan. A Yumi fitting a Sandan training for Yondan… Yosh!!