Kyudo on the water…

2 10 2010

This Sunday past, was the official naming ceremony for our boat, Zen II. A while back I had the idea of shooting a few Ya to mark our ocean passage. Then had the idea of doing Kyudo as part of the naming ceremony for our boat.  It went well. I did the full write up on the Zensekai 2 by Sea blog so will not do it again here. However here is a shorten edit video of the ceremony…



4 responses

2 10 2010
Ed Symmes

Did your wife bring the arrow back after she caught it?

3 10 2010

One can not retrieve a offering…

22 10 2010

Greetings Zen, I enjoyed the video and your blog, i first read you on sailfar and then found this blog while surfing the martial world. I mainly wanted to tell you that the picture of the cabin on your other boat inspired my present design that i am refitting although it will be a junk rig i really hadn’t thought about orientalizeing the interior . Tonight i finished my sail so i figured i’d celabrate by saying hello. You are far more acomplished than i am but many similarties exist, even down to the fact that i grew up some seventy five miles north of Philly. In Gashho

24 10 2010

Ahoy, thanks for dropping by…fair winds

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