End of an Era…RIP

8 10 2010

…and now for something completely different

Snif snif …sigh

It was fun. However I saw the writing on the wall when I rev’ed up and pop the tranny into third gear and heard loud grinding sounds of gears and the motor spinning higher in revolutions ( I did not miss my shift). I knew from then on it was down-hill and just a matter of time. I thought, with much wishful thinking I, it would hold out for the next two years if I took it easy

The old BMW was not my first choice as a replacement for my retired aged Porsche.

However, LZ liked the conservative square shape and four adults could sit in it comfortably, which was important with visitors coming from Japan. On top of that and most important to me it handled well with some zip. It was in ways a nicer car than the Pors. other than the style, to me at least. Driving wise it the BMW ( 6 cyl) was the bomb! The Pors ( 4 cyl ) handled great but had no zip off the line, but looked really cool.

It also felt more solid than the Acura which was recently sold. It seemed like the best of both world, kind of Buddhist in it’s middle ground being.

There were some good times with the Beemer, but it was a different time in my life from the Porsche days. No frequent road trips to LA , no trips into the the winding mountain trials or the turns and valleys along the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway, or flying through the monster sized Redwoods with a big red Akita laying in the back hatch… ah good times.

When driving home from my dead end survival job and I heard the loud pop, I knew it was major trouble. After being towed off the highway and placed in a parking lot waiting for the tow truck to take it to a car medic I saw a sign of death. Oil was dripping, er, more like pouring in a large pool, like blood from a fatal head wound. I did not know where it came from but I knew it was not good. I never did find out what the cause of that was, the other injuries were to great continue the repair operation. So ended the last of the California Zen sports cars.

Kind of like the last things left from my days in a good career,  Designing, music making, ceramics, being creative. Now it is just trying to survive. Nihon is my new frontier…seems like in the states I have reached a wall. Things that are about here, are falling apart, things that are about a new life in Japan are developing well. I maybe wrong but, feels like  the end of an era here, time to move on. I feel no growth and everyday my spirit dies a little.

Driving the truck to a security job kind of go hand in hand.

Grateful to have both,

for many have neither ,

I must remember to be.


One door closes …

Another opens

I need to remind me.



3 responses

8 10 2010

I see we have more in common than I realized. There is a twang of pain when I see someone else driving their silver 993 or the wind blowing through someone else’s hair in their M-Z3 or even that family in their 535 and I think “that should be me”.
I remind myself of the property taxes, the insurance rates and the cost of that clutch and transmission and tell myself that I am “free”. No more being a slave to my possessions. “I need to remind me.”
We are where we are meant to be…

8 10 2010

True indeed my friend ! Honto!

25 11 2010
Romulus Burnett

Ha ha! Brings back tons of memories when I had my 1985 Volkswagen Scirocco. A truly unique car even back in the 80’s. It had pretty good zip and handling capabilities. I literally drove it into the ground over my college years.

Sounds like you threw a rod in the BMW. That would have cost more than the value of the car to replace. But then again it would probably have been cheaper to buy another whole engine from a German parts junkyard.

Damn, you had a 914. I wanted one so bad back in the day. The only one I could find in the area at the time in the late 80’s was poorly taken care of. The Scirocco was essentially Volkswagen’s version of the 914. Good times.

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