Listening to the voice of God…

24 10 2010

It is rare that God will speak in a voice to anyone, unless you are Moses, JC or in that league. That is rare, however it came to me like we feel in Chan words are minor. It is actions that speak louder, events, heart to heart communication. I think “God” speak to us always it is just a matter of listening not for the words, but for the signs, the flow of things around us. I do not believe is some gray bearded white dude sitting on a throne. However that does not make him/she /it not real. The image of some Gray Beard Dude is just a metaphor for something, perhaps too big for our limited human mind. Like the word GOD, is just a word, a sound for some spirit greater than us, which we can only imagine in a limited form, The Old Guy, The Great Spirit,  The Great Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, Heavenly Father, the Creator we could even call it Big George none of the names matter.  It says in the Tao Te Ching, the Tao that can be named is not the true Tao. We can not see the wind, but it is real, we can not see Chi/Ki but it is real, we can not see gravity…We can not see love, only the results, the actions.

There was a HUGE upheaval at work this past week. I thought I was out of a job, once again! There was some backstabbing, plots, lies, and the manager was fired. His higher boss came in and started making major changes. One of them was cutting my position. I was offered the next shift position doing somewhat the same thing.  However that would have meant dropping my evening classes. If it was just me teaching in the park I would have. However with the City of Alameda involved and 30 students, it would not have been honorable. Another thing is I do not see that position lasting long.

I was offered another part-time position @ 20 hours, which would have also meant messing up some other people who I work for on the weekend. Sigh. So I prepared the hours I was available to work ( and updated my resumes) and prepared myself to be jobless for the most part yet again. However my hours were accepted and I go in to work still on Monday, less hours, start @ 5:00 am!!

So what does this have to do with the voice of God. I think, I was being told, I should not be slacking off with looking for another job, I had been getting to lazy and settled in. I knew the original job was not permanent, not that any are these days, however I felt the Universe, my spirit guides, as it were would look out for me.

I was correct, I am not jobless, however I have been kicked in the pants to get busy with my search, do not get lackadaisical. This job reeks of impermanence, and the voice of God, saying, Yo, get busy ZenDude, time to move on.



2 responses

25 10 2010
Rick Matz

When you wrote about getting a kick in the pants with regards to looking for another job, I was reminded of a saying I heard or read somewhere. I don’t know the author:

If you put your fate in the hands of the gods, don’t be surprised if they have a few laughs at your expense.

25 10 2010

I guess even the gods need some entertainment 🙂

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