Thurs Kyudo – Dojo Spirit

18 12 2010

It had been a couple of weeks since going down to the Kyudojo. Since my Thursday work has been canceled I have that night sort of free again. Chan was also canceled so… Kyudo time.

The traffic was brutal! The hour drive took 1.5 , not really too bad considering it was rush hour. Once there and after a quick stop at the Japanese market for some supplies,

I made it to the dojo to be greeted with a surprise of no one being there …for the most part.

The class time had been set back to 8:00pm instead of 7:30. Ok, that will make it a bit better for the next trip down. I can leave a little later. Nice ! except for the driving home later part and getting up at 4:00 am. At least the next day is Friday and it is only a 4 hour work day. One of those Yin and Yang things.

Anyway, the others showed up a bit a later for a total of 6 of us. A nice size for the small Dojo.

We did a couple of rounds in formation with Sensei watching and adjusting. The only comment I got during that time was my right shoulder/hand seemed to be raising some on release. I was able to correct it by relaxing more and not forcing the hand back.

Next Sensei went through tournament timing for those that were interested. He asked if I was planning on going to the upcoming TaiHai. I said, I’m not really into it, I’m kind of burnet out on tournaments. He said, ” yeah, that can happen”. He worked with a small group on the timing and I helped a student who was having problems with her draw.

It was nice practicing with a full group. I’m not sure if anyone is going to be in the Tai Hai as yet, they are all rather new. However as I like the students there they are good kids,

I’ll go to support the school spirit which seems to be developing and do some photography. I’ll be a quiet supporting presence. I think that would be a good thing.





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