This maybe the last time…

21 12 2010

… or next to the last, post for the year

Kung Fu

Sat was the Christmas party at Shifu’s. As usual there were new faces and lots of food. I took it easy on chowing down that night. One plate, some wine and that was it. I thinking passed on the desert. I did not break out camera this time because pictures of a table of food and people sitting around eating gets kind of old to look at. I had not heard anything more about the jam however had brought along my acoustic Bass just in case. The Jam never happened, a bit of a bummer but not really a surprise. One classmate did bring a electric keyboard along for his son to “play” on. Another real musician showed up would could play keyboards but he had to leave as soon as he arrived as his son was sick… Bummer! The rest of the evening was spent with the regular chat other than Shifu’s partner and I had a long conversation about Shin and Zen Buddhism.

Music Axes

Back stepping to the subject of music and Basses. A while back I went to LA to pick up my late brother’s Bass guitar, a six string model. I already had one of those but since this was my brothers I felt I should claim it out of hock ( pawn shop).

So now I have two six String Basses I had planned on selling mine. It is very nice but not as expensive as my brother’s , still a very nice Bass and I like the finish. The natural maple. When I was in LA on the retrieval mission I showed my brother’s Bass to a Kyudo friend who loved it. He is a hopeful Bass player. I received a call from him over the weekend on a musical question and the topic came up about my brother’s Bass, which lead to speaking of mine.

As it turns out he was interested and wanted to see a picture. After viewing it he was hooked. He asked about cost and/or a swap. I really did not need anything more than cash these days. However it did occur to me I planned on buying a inexpensive Yumi to take on the Zenamaran for my ceremonial shots in route to Nihon. I told him my need, but I still needed money. After some consideration on his part a deal was made. I will be getting an old 17/18 kilo Yumi of his plus some pictures of dead haoly presidents on green paper in exchange for my Bass. So it worked our nicely. It is good when a plan comes together. The Yumi is much stronger than what I have been using , but, I was told in Nihon by a Sensei, mine was too light for me. 18 kilo maybe too much, but I have shot a 16/17 with no problem, my form has improved so it maybe good for me to use a stronger bow, like using a heavier straight sword.


Now since I am on the topic of Kyudo. That was a smooth segway , ne!? I read on the Mu blog a seminar is coming in April of 2011 in Nihon. After an invitation to stay with the family of this same Kyudo Bass Player I very briefly dreamed of attending, even as I was talking with my friend I said very doubtful. I made the mistake of asking LZ to get some details from Japan about the event. I was quickly shut down on any fantasy of attending with a passionate telling of the cost involved (-_-). So much for that. It would have been so much more interesting than testing in Minnesota this summer, just south of the boonies in the middle of nowhere. Anyway I knew from the beginning it was out of the question, it was just a bit of mind diversion fun.

What is real though is RSD’s 2 annual 108 +1 Arrow shoot on New Years Eve. Anyone else going for it?? If you do not know what I’m talking about. In Japan they ring the temple bells 108 for each sin, to release them ( sort like that). We are doing a Kyudo version, with arrows.

This up coming year is the fifth year of this blog. Does not seem that long. In appox 630 days we’ll be off to Japan. Wonder should I start a new one then forom there… The sailing blog will continue throughout. This one…hmm, well still I have time to think. Maybe Zen’s Sekai- I …Nihon




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21 12 2010

Just think of the reunion of friends and friends-to-be and Minnesota is much more appealing. Hope to see you there!

21 12 2010

I suppose you can’t have a reunion of friends-to-be until you meet them initially, but you know what I mean…. “meeting of new friends”.

21 12 2010

LoL, well at least I’ll see you there. That is a good start 🙂

21 12 2010

“Just south of the boonies in the middle of nowhere?” That’s a pretty unkind assessment of Northfield and Minnesota. Participants will find the facility, campus, and town very welcoming and well-suited for the event.

21 12 2010

LoL, Not an unkind assessment, just my opinion of the location. I’ll gladly print a retraction and apology when I’m shown to be wrong. Right now, from the research I did, because I received no reply from the direct host source when I sent an eMail, is there are only three motels/hotels in the town. The picture of the City Motel is on a highway that has NOTHING around it, but open fields. ( The name “Northfield” came about , how? hahaha) Going by the map the airport is some 45min – 1 hour away from a town that has not much around it but a school campus. MN is almost in the middle of the country and to someone from CA it is the boonies, as is Texas, Ohio, VA , the Carolinas, Sacramento, Bakersfield, etc. Having went to a small university in the middle of nowhere, southeast of the boonies ( Richmond VA) this has all the same markings. I do recall someone saying to go to a nice Japanese restaurant/sushi shop near Northfield required a road trip. For someone who has 10 with in 15 min walk, that IS the middle of no-where. It is all perspective.
Also just because a place is in the middle of no-where, south of the boonies does not mean it is un-welcoming and the facilities and campus are bad. People can make the place, but the place can still be a charming little out of the way spot in the middle of nowhere. Somewhat like Calistoga, Sonoma, Napa, Davenport famous little spots “out in the middle of nowhere”. Perception can make something that just is, positive or negative.

25 12 2010

Merry Christmas Zen!

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