and now for something completly different…Calistoga Christmas

30 12 2010

The day started out with the promise of rain. The weather spirit kept it’s promise later that morning.

By the time we got on the road it was starting to rain pretty steady. We made our way out into the boonies of the bay area, wine country. It is a nice drive no matter the weather of the day.

As we crossed from the boonies into deep boonies places with names like Yountville, Oakville, the views took on a different feel with views of the foot hills holding hands with the clouds.

There is something about towns out in the middle of nowhere that make a man of color get a chill . One knows to slow down and do not speed through places like that. If possible do not stop just slide on through.

Well before you get to Gernyville just after Oakville is a small town full of hot springs and spas, out in deep wine country, called Calistoga .

A fairly cool town. They are used to having a large group of diverse people come through. LZ has been wanting to visit. So instead of Christmas presents, this was our present to each other. Christmas day in Calistoga in wine country. We wanted to it some wineries however they were closed on Christmas day.

We modified the plan to Wine tasting on Sunday, the spa on Christmas. After we got in and settled we found the one restaurant that was open and had a small shared lunch. A salad and calamari both were good.

After that we headed to the spa fir a treatment. Being thrift minded I went for the foot reflexology. LZ followed suit. We were able to gave it done as a couple in a shared room.

The foot massage was good, however was more like foot massage than reflexology. Having studied reflexology and even gotten a certificate, that I felt some thing was missing in the technique. Much more of a ohhh this feels good, than a healing session.

Afterward we headed on to the pool and Jacuzzi. Water pumped in from the mineral springs is relaxing and said to be healthy to the skin. Great it was indoor. It was cold and rainy !

Next up was a light dinner at a local place. One of maybe two places open it turned out to be a pretty good place. The food was good and we got a small discount from the “passport” book given to us at the hotel. With it when visiting places listed in there you got a discount. Seemed like about 10%, better than nothing!

Also with this passport book we were able to do wine tasting at a large number of places for free. The average price for tasting at each winery was about 10.00. There was One that was 20.00.

The next morning at the hotel the breakfast was Free. It was fairly good. Fresh made waffles, juice, eggs, cereal, bagels, pastry, some other stuff which I forgot. I was able to leave the table with the ahhhh,

enough feeling.

So after breakfast and checkout, it was time to hit the wineries .  LZ had eight places on her plan.

It was another rainy day but not too cold so it was alright. We went to one place that had dogs tuning around that came out to meet every car that pulled up. LZ being a dog lover liked that.

Another placed we stopped had a cat that came to the car to meet us then followed us around. As we were ready to leave yet another cat showed up.

We made several stops throughout the afternoon, however did not make the 8 planned stops. We did do six. By the time we finished those LZ was floating pretty well. I held back since I needed to drive.

Dinner was at a place called “mustard”. Kind of a diner grill place. we did not ($$) over do the eating and had just a small order, which was enough.


That was or last stop before making our way out of the valley back to our island home, with as expected LZ sleeping most of the way.

It was a nice little get -a-way that was not expensive for the two of us to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year.

The rest of the pictures HERE




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