Yokoso 2011, It’s on …the first Ya

8 01 2011

2011 is on it’s way now. We have done the Sake ceremony, incense, and had the Osechi.

To complete things well sort of, because the Chinese New Year is still coming, so the Japanese part of the House is taken care of anyway.

I went to the first Kyudo class of the year this week, yesterday in fact. We had a good turn out at Renseikan Kyudo Dojo. Sensei did a ceremonial shoot for the beginning. I want to say Sharei , but I think that is not correct. Those who know, from the picture can tell.

Before the class got started with the lessons, I questioned Sensei on my Tenouchi from the 108 shoot. As it turns out I was both correct and wrong. I was gripping too hard with my fingers, my placement was correct but the focus was off, also putting my wrist angle wrong. So I need to make a few adjustment to make it correct. Later I was able to get a full spin with no pain and no slippage. The challenge is to do it all the time.

There is a new international event upcoming. It started last year and is not official. It is called the Bi-annual 100 shoot. So far the States here and countries involved are: NorCal, SoCal, NC, SC, GA, Florida, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, Thailand, Argentina, and France. If you are on Facebook check out the Biannual 100 Arrow Shoot -2011 (aka: The Ironman) page. We need someone (s) from Japan to join in the fun (hint hint hint). The idea is to shoot 100 arrow, any time of the day on the Sat Jan 22nd. Any Kyudoka reading this join in. If you are not on Facebook, leave a comment here that you are joining and where you are from, then hopefully send me a picture so I can post of the group page.

Anyway, were I was going with this before I got sidetracked is, that this shoot will give me another chance to test my Tenuchi grip. Firm, but not to tight, not too loose. Base thumb pressure, small amount of grip with the little finger, relaxed but “alive”. Kind of like the sticking grip when doing Praying Mantis or Tai Chi.

The rest of the class, Sensei spent on Test timing and tournament timing. I did some filming for him and helped a new student with her Hikiwaki. when I was not in the shooting line. The only correction I got from my shooting was that something seemed off. It was good, but I seemed to be holding back or thinking too much. I’m of the mind I was thinking too much. Putting a lot of attention on the small things and it had an effect on the big picture. I was not just letting it happen, not in a state of Mushin. Especially about my Tenouchi, but that is what practice is for to work on those things, small and large.

When practicing “fu” some days it is about the details, other days strength, others days it is about the flow. Everything is practice, it is all interdependent, it is all good! Gambarimasho!



4 responses

9 01 2011
Nikki @ Blasian Baby Notes

Practice makes perfect or at least teaches us how to focus our attention. I’m sure you will learn the right hold. Look forward to hearing about the competition. Nothing exciting is happening here in snowy NYC

9 01 2011

Well hush my mouth,
what a surprise seeing you here in
these here parts 🙂

11 01 2011

Hmmmm… Tempting to try this (the 100) but we have a tutorial scheduled. I wonder if I could set something up at home…

12 01 2011

Oh, by the way, I think you were right the first time and that is sharei. There’s a description of a one-person makiwara-sharei in the Kyudo Manual, pp. 86-89. It’s just that in this case you had assistants (kaizoe), who I guess were advanced students? Interesting that there is a second bow. I’ve seen that in video clips on-line, but never live. I guess it’s for the one-in-a-million chance that the bow itself would break, rather than just the string? Or would he use it if just the string broke?

The kaizoe job seems very difficult. You have to be ready for anything and really think on your feet. Or at least your knees!

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