International Bi-Annual Iron Kyudoka 100 Ya Challenge – Winter 2011

23 01 2011

This was the 2nd 100 shot event, the first I was unable to attend do to work.  There were suppose to be people joining in a united global Kyudo spirit from: NorCal, SoCal, NC, SC, Ga, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, Thailand, France, Argentina, Florida. I asked for pictures on Facebook, but so far only Ecuador & Thailand posted. Georgia sent some via eMail to me. I also heard from South Carolina and Argentina, Others ?? Quiet.

It was a cool day here in Northern CA, cool but not unpleasant. We had spoke of starting at 7:00am , however the reality was just after 8:00am not bad, we still finished about 12:00. At least did the first shift at Tanuki Dojo, a private multi-discipline Kyudo Dojo, where Kyudo is Kyudo. The spirit of Kyudo is more important than the Style one uses. To borrow a phrase from Chan, Kyudo is One.

It was a good practice, shooting that much, that long, makes for serious training, one really gets to see, feel your good and weak points. My hand was better this time I knew what to do and not to do. My biggest problem was focus. I received a call from My wife saying my job called and wanted to know why I was not at work. Turns out I was put on the schedule, with out being consulted even after I told them I could not work. So I got written up ( bad mark in my file). It took me a while to settle my mind to shooting after that, grrrrrrrr. Fatigue was common but I was able to work through that much easier than the mental demons. I heard several times from the others the mental demons are the big factor in a event of this sort. Same as with sitting Zazen for a long period, it is at times uncomfortable controlling the body, but controlling the mind is the big challenge.

I took the opportunity of the Iron Kyudo Event to share some information on the Eco-Flag movement with the participants. I figure any opportunity is good to remember our connection to the planet. 1 Arrow, 1 life, 1 Planet. We all need to do our part, even small things help. Recycle, Reduce, Rethink.

Just like the 108 shoot of New Year the Iron 100 was a worthwhile training. So being Bi-annual there should be another in 6 months. It will be near to testing time so it will be helpful.

Shoot well!



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26 01 2011

hello from Turkey 🙂 many greetings

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