Kung Fu beyond combat-the series: Spiritual Warriors Pt 1

15 02 2011

This is the first interview in the series with three Zen Priest/Martial artist. I will be getting their view on Martial Art and Zen. How they relate to each other for them and their practice. As well as what advice they have for students and other seekers. This is the first attempt at this so the recording and final is a bit rough, the next one should be better 🙂

Anyway the message is there, I hope you enjoy. _/|\_

My first Interview is with Rev. Sifu G. LaBlanc. He runs the Turning Point Healing Center in Oakland where he does Traditional Chinese Medicine. He also runs the LaBlanc Wing Chun school and is a Priest with the Mountain Gate Zen Center.

I first met the Rev Sifu LaBlanc when he was 13, when he joined my then Shifu’s school in Torrance, CA. at the Tai Mantis Kung Fu Assoc., under Dr Kam Yuen, who was the Kung Fu director of the late Kung Fu show with David Carridine.

Sifu LaBanc started his study of Martial Art at the age of 6 with Shotokan Karate, then studied Northern Shaolin Tai Chi Praying Mantis. From there he studied, Wudang Kung Fu and later Aikido with Steven Seagal and Arnis/Kali, Jujitsu, and finally Wing Chun under the Linage of Yip Man.

His Zen practice started in the LA Zen center as a live-in student, until his school load of Traditional Chinese Medicine limited that practice full time. He later returned to his Zen studies under a Korean linage of which he is now ordained.

The interview was held in Oakland, CA during his lunch break. We went to a local shop and had a short talk. There was a lunch crowd there so there is quite a bit of background chatter, but the answers to my questions can be heard, not me so much 🙂

My questions were:

What is your Martial Art background?

What is Your Zen Background?

Why did you choose Wing Chun as your main Art?

On a personal level how does your Zen practice relate your Kung Fu ?

What advice would you give to others seeking Martial Art and/or Zen training?

My next interview will be in March with Rev. Sifu S. Baugh of the Lohan school of Shaolin in Las Vegas.

He is another classmate from the former Torrance Tai Mantis Kung Fu school. He is a Chan Buddhist Priest.




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