Kung Fu Beyond combat- the series, spiritual warriors Pt 2

23 03 2011

The second part of this series is a visit to the Lohan school of Shaolin and speak with the Rev Shifu Steve Baugh, head Sifu  (and Abbot of the Temple) of the Lohan School of Shaolin in Las Vegas. Shifu Baugh’s Chan lineage is from the lineage of Hsu Yun. His Kung Fu lineage is among others, The Five Animal System of Ark Wong and the Northen Shaolin lineage of Wong Jac Man along with the Praying Mantis linage of Chi Chuk Kai.

Shifu Baugh is another classmate of mine from our days with the Northern Shaolin Tai Mantis school formally in Torrance, CA. under Doctor Kam Yuen. He like several of our advanced class already had prior Martial Art training before joining our school. Everyone like and respected him.

As it turned out another of our classmates was also in town. He runs the Tai Mantis school in San Bernadino.

He was in town with his student for the Lion Dance seminar that was being held at the Lohan School, so it was like a mini-reunion with the three if us.

In this interview, Shifu Baugh and I  went into his office so we had much less background noise. Most of his students were taking a seminar on upgrading their Lion Dance Skills so there is a small bit drumming going on at one place.

Otherwise, this is a clearer interview and we were not rushed. Because of this the Shifu was able to really relax and speak. Some things I wanted to ask he just covered in his informative narrative. I’m sure you will find this as interesting as I did.

The pictures on this video are not that great but it is about the audio, not the pictures 🙂

Check out other videos from the Lohan School of Shaolin on Youtube.

The next interview is this series will be hopefully in May with Jyozen-san. A Zen priest, in LA. He currently studies Tai Chi from my Shaolin Lineage Family, he is also a teacher of Kyudo, with a past background in Karate.


Pray for Japan, pray for the world…



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