This n That…

22 04 2011

I have not written here much I’ve been busy with other spaces. The boating world has been keeping me fairly busy. Lots of blogging over there. When I’m busy on land the water blog is light.  Now it is the waterworks time. Even more so with moving on to the boat in the fall. It seems a ways off now but really only about 120 about. Right after getting back from Kyudo testing it will be time to pack and leave the apt. I am looking forward to it and not at the same time.

There has been land life of course. The new session for my martial art classes started with the City if Alameda. The Kung Fu class is on the small side this semester. However thankfully the Tai Chi class is fairly packed with new and returning students . If half of the new one stuck it out that would be good. Most people here lack the comment to stay with something and they always want to learn more when they have not even gotten what they were taught the first time. The ones that really bug me are the ones who try to pickup more movements from other students or when I’m teaching another students. Like having more moves it going to make them better, yet they can not do correct what I showed them, still they deciede they are ready for more. Sigh

I had to resubmit my Kyudo seminar application for this summer. The one that was given out was out of date. Not that it had a date or anything that was major different , in fact less things or arranged minor differently . Oh well Japanese formality. It was a hassle but not really a big deal. Since I sent my payment deposit in before hopefully I’m good to go and that will not get misplaced or something.

With the seminar only a few months away now I will need to get down to business with my practice. Part of the problem with that is the world gas problem and my lack of finances . Gas is over 4.00 a gal!! In order to attend class with Sensei I have I have to drive an hour, plus pay for class. I can not go to the free class on Sunday because I have to work.  In order to go to a place where I can practice I have to drive 30 min plus cross a toll bridge which also went up in cost!  Sigh. Life has these obstacles ne.  Minor for me when they are compared to those who live in northern Japan.

What a life tragedy that is. As much as I am depressed and frustrated by my work status I am reminded by all this how blessed I am. The saying except by the grace of God it could be me, is very meaningful. I have much compared to those who have lost everything, including hope.

I am writing this post from work on my iTouch to be posted later from my computer. I look forward to going home tonight after doing some work on my boat and having pizza and wine while watching a Zatoichi DVD and dream about watching the cherry blossoms  in Nihon again… What a number blessings to count with a sense of hope. We must remember to pray and help those who have lost things, family and hope.  _/|\_