This n That , That n This…

27 05 2011

Bit by bit I am gearing up for the testing in Aug. My mother-n-law brought me a Gomu-yumi from Japan on her visit here. This will help me work on my draw and Tai Hai in the apt. Great!

I was able to get in a few shot of real practice at RSD the other day. I feel pretty on target for my basic level with my form. I am sure I still need still adjustments and fine tuning but overall I think I am doing well being on my own for the most part . This week I will go see Sensei at the Dojo and also at the shooting range on Friday afternoon before I go do Kung Fu training with Shifu. I be making some weekly commitment to practice at least once or twice a week here on even as busy as I am. I do not want to waste my test money. Like the 63.00 I had to pay for 4,000 yin since they will not take cash at the test site. (o_O)

I sold my motorcycle 😦 which will pay for my plane fare to MN . I was lucky to find a deal on a ticket with the gas prices as they are. I needed to sell the bike anyway, I can not take it to Japan.

I am hoping to buy a Harley once there from some leaving military person. The sale of my late brother’s guitar will also go to the testing trip as well as buying myself a Bass Shakuhachi. His spirit can rest with that knowing something musical was involved with the sale of his Guitar. His other two Basses I am taking to Japan to hook with or start a band. I am looking forward to playing again. I am taking several instruments on the ocean passage there, along with a computer maybe I’ll come up with some interesting songs on the voyage.

Speaking of playing I was pleasantly surprised to find out my mother in law is a jazz fan. She is not big on Japanese music but like jazz. One night I turned on our local Jazz station while she was here visiting and she really enjoyed it. Then last night we were out to dinner and there was s small Jazz trio playing in the hotel lobby she wanted to stop and listen.

LZ told her later she should find a boyfriend in Japan and go out to here some Jazz and have a glass of wine. She has just discovered she likes wine. She is having some adventures now even at her age. She spent most of her younger years caring for family. Now it is her time. Getting to travel America, and Viet Nam on her on. Sailing,

dining at yacht clubs, wine tasting, listening to live Jazz,learning some basic computer skills. We can not bring back our youth but should enjoy the time we have when we can, ne! I will have to tell her how to get a jazz station on her new computer when she picks one up in Japan. I showed her how to work an iPad she likes it. Her use is mostly for Skype

but I can tell her how to use iTunes for streaming Jazz.

On another note, Monday was my final Tai Chi class for this session with the city of Alameda.

One student brought in some fruit another brought in some wine n cheese for after class. That was thoughtful of them. The classes here have had the most thoughtful group orientated mind set since I been teaching ever. Maybe some will even come to the banquet this year and give the school some face. It will be interesting to see how my students in Japan compare.

Weds was the final Shaolin/Tai Chi mix class also for the Park and Rec dept.

One of the students who comes on both Mon and Wed this time brought in some snacks for afterward. This maybe the start of a new tradition for the school. I think it is a nice touch and helps bring the group together and raises class spirit.




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