8 06 2011

First off, I hate packing, I hate moving! Now that is out of the way…

I started moving some stuff into the ZenKaze HQ yesterday after I got the keys. Basically though just emptying the back of the truck of so much just sitting there stuff today. So that I could more my first load of stuff which was mostly books to the storage/office. I have started packing my knik knack treasure collection at the apt. Moving is a hassle! I hate it! It is nice it has been two years since we moved. There was a time when LZ and I first started out we moved about 4 or more times in a a span of a little more than six months. What an ordeal that was. We have less things now than when we moved from our Condo, so that is nice. However we need to reduce even move for this move as it is a prep for the Japan move.

It will be me who needs to unattached from stuff more so than LZ. She is pretty good at throwing stuff away I am not. So in a way this move will be part of my Zen practice learning “to let go” I did a bit of exploring the office building yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find there are two community lunchroom kitchens in the building.

The upstairs one us the nicer . Bigger, with a view and and outside balcony with a table and chairs. One can see the Oakland hills and surrounding area.

Nothing like our Bay view now and not private but… The $aving$ will be nice! This move is all about saving money with a side not of getting use to living on the Zenamaran. We should be able to put away about 1,000 a month with this move. Much needed for the trip and relocation.

On a side note today at work is a good day, I get to drive most of the day. Right now I’m sitting in the car, blocking an entrance from being used to a parking lot. I get to write this blog post, listen to Jazz on the radio and just chill in general… How cool is that! I just needed to not fall asleep 🙂




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8 06 2011
Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

I’m not a fan of packing either but love saving $$$. Home your new place feels like home soon

25 06 2011
Romulus Burnett

Heeeeyyyyy, Zen!!! After having moved across 3 states, several cities, and not living at each spot for more than two years before having to move again, I can truly say I can sympathize. I went from having enough stuff to fill a three bedroom house to being able to put all that I own in the trunk of my car.

I simply either sold, broke or gave away almost all that I owned because I got tired of wasting money on moving trucks. The wife and I are going to make a massive saving frenzy after I pay off the rock on her finger (damn). Keep looking up, brother! As long as you’re making progress there’s no need to look back.

25 06 2011
Romulus Burnett

HEY!! Your kitchen looks exactly like the kitchen I had in my downtown apartment!!!!

3 07 2011

I haven’t been in Japan since 1959 and much has changed but friends of mine lived and studied there ( but i don’t know where) accrording to them it was easy to set up a household because the Japanese like new things so good stuff is left by the curb. I dropped my life a no. of times attempting to understand detachment it never worked very well for me so i tend to store things and if i have second thoughts i can have it shipped or something, a couple of librarys i have let go which was hard for me to do but after 40 some years of chan i read very little and the internet has much good teaching. In Gassho

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