One foot in the Loo…

18 06 2011

I had a dream, a vision or something the other night. It was like a Tenouchi enlightenment, maybe I was doing some Fu stuff, no matter. I told this to Sensei when he asked me something last night at practice. I do not recall what the reason was but no matter, It made me think of my dream. That was my thought for tonight’s goal, realize that dream awake.

There was a surprise when I arrived at the dojo. I was told the toilet was broke. My first thought was, whew good thing I went just before I got here. I can hold it for 2 hours, even though I just had that soy drink hmmmmm.  Then followed the words “not just here, as far as the toilet thing, this whole building unit”. Also because we are in the end unit they all backup into here! This place was a mess, noticed as I was looking closer. Lucky, the voice said; the mats did not get wet so we can still have class.

Hmmm, I had to watched where I walked and changed clothes. It worked out. The floor was dry, other than some footprint stains from when things were not so in control.

My other surprise for the evening was, Sensei had me learn standing shari so he could watch the “assistants”.  I need some tighting up on details but I do have the basics on how it works. The school is doing a demo this weekend. Sensei is doing a Shari for the ceremony.

As for the Tenogichi. The first shot was not so good, the second was better but I released too much, so the Yumi dropped. The next round was better. I did not get full turns but I did have half turns. I think if my Yumi grip was not overbuilt up, I could get a full turn or close to that anyway.  This is the grip I surmised is close to the one we use in Kung Fu for guiding the long staff. The “Chan” philosophy would be something like. Connected to the Yumi (life) but not attached.

I been at class the last three weeks and it has been good. I’ve corrected some small things I had forgotten, string placement to the face , eyes following when needed, shooting timing, Little things that may a difference at the showdown. I wonder now what the written test will be like. I have to give some balance to that part of the training as well, it is more than just looking good while shooting


Oohhhhhhh the big thing from last night. When in Osaka Dai-Sensei Nagome had told me about how to whole my left arm in Daisan. Straight was his words from Nagome Hanshi. When I said something to Sensei here about it, because he told me to bend it, he said this is the way because… Blah blah. I did a small statement on a blog post about this and my dilemma. I figure this way for here and that way for Nihon. Last night Sensei says oh BTW at the last seminar we were told to hold the arm straight in Daisan!!!!

I said only… “Hai Sensei”

to him;

to self:

“be the bamboo”





One response

20 06 2011

With the turning do you mean yugaeri? The way I was taught about that was to stand in a proper way (ashibumi/dozukuri) and then draw the bow with an ungloved hand just about to your left elbow. Expand from there and release (intentionally). My teacher had me do that ten times before each practice until I’d gotten the right feel for it, and yugaeri became more reliable. Then just do more or less the same thing when you’re in front of the target. The nice thing is that this is something you can do practice (as long as you have a high ceiling!) even when you can’t make it to the dojo. I think it took me about two months, I think, then you have to learn to forget about it, and then it’s like riding a bicycle.

The other thing (for me) is that I use some fudeko (I still like the Tenkyu stuff). Otherwise my hand is too dry in winter, to slippery in summer, but based on some comments from a teacher in Sapporo that may just be one of my superstitions.

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