Kyudo Thursday…

7 07 2011

Went down to Kyudo practice on was a good session. It is a good thing I went I learned the proper form for shitsu recovery. I was called to do the broken string recovery. I never learned the proper way so I just faked my way throughout from things I had seen and things read. I wad told it was almost perfect except for moving the ya around while wrapping the string. Pretty good , I was surprised I pulled it off.

The rest of the class was pretty routine except for this drill. The Nidan and I had a kiza face off. We both kiza in front of each other up and down looking for mistakes. Then we added the turn Hirakiashi into the mix. I can do the move but I always have to do a notice little as possible shift to adjust my position since I am not flexible enough to turn my knee out 90 degrees.

I heard from Sensei there are a couple of events happening. One is a open shoot among the Northern Ca Renmei schools. I will not be attending maybe working that day or out of town. If not I’ll go. The other is a bi-annual event hosted each time by different a Dojo. There is a name but I do not recall it. I think this same thing I was not invited to last time. Sensei asked if I could help this year with the arrangements, it is our school hosting. Since it is not until Nov. there is enough time for me to set aside that day and it is not a day that I usually work at the marina. I an off to LA this weekend coming . I will be doing some training for the seminar and also picking up another Yumi, the 18 lb’r . I am looking forward to shooting with that.




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