Chan practice – Five Element Kyudo

11 07 2011

I shoot for a couple of hours on Friday. Come to think of it I put in a fair amount of Kyudo time this week. I shot Thurs, Fri, and Sunday. Friday as I was saying before the digression is that was only a couple of hours of just shooting working on Tenouchi and Hikiwaki .

Sat I spent on the boat, it was my boat day. I thought of sailing but got to involved with projects and non- such.

Sunday I went back to RSD and worked on what I call five Element Training. Zazen ( earth), Kiza ( wood), Tai Chi ( water),  Tai Hai ( metal), Hitting ( fire).
This is my new perspective on looking at a training regime for my solo combo practice.


As far as the shooting I was way off on targeting all my shots for the most part were low. I wonder if the age of my string tsuru has anything to do with it. I really gave more thought to my Teniuchi and Hikiwaki than my hitting. I feel I understand the Tenouchi now just getting the hand to cooperate is the trick.

As a sidenote to my physical training, I have started to record section of the Kyohon on my iPod so I can study at work for the written test…yosh!!




2 responses

20 07 2011

nice the 5 element training..
it can fit almost every aspect of life or budo..

20 07 2011

INdeed Aikidude!

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