The LA Story – Kyudo

14 07 2011

It was hot on the road! One of the times having an A/C was a good part of life. When temps are in the three digits it is great part of modern  life!

I was on my way to LA for training and trading. It has been a while since I trained with Jyozen-Sensei. With the up coming test ahead I was looking forward to the sessions with him on over the weekend, he is one of my favorite people to train with. Having some of the same Shaolin/Tai Chi background as well as Zen gives me a different level of connection with him. Kind of a San-Mai-Ittai thingy with Kyudo thrown in.  It would be also a chance to do the blog interview with him as well. This will be for the last interview of Kung Fu Beyond Combat. I do know if any one else found the interviews interesting, but I did. So …

On Sat I was suppose to attend Jyozen-Sensei’s formal class in Pasadena with Nanka Kyudo Kai. Friday night was a private meeting at his home. Saturday would be my chance to shoot with a large group and test myself under live large conditions. At Scott Sensei’s classes we are a small group of three at a time shooting. A large group of strangers would give me a better view of shooting under stress and how I am following protocol.

There were small visits and items also within the trip but the training was a major part of this journey and picking up the Ya from Darth-Kyudoka, the hated Dark Lord. This was right on time (so I thought) as I will be without my Yumi for two week, since it is being taken to MN via van with a bunch of others for the upcoming Seminar.

I had a difficult beginning of this trip  getting the rental car and getting on the road. LZ was concerned about it spoiling my weekend but once on the road the rest of the trip was fine. Well other than the driving bakas that are out there on the road.

The only let down was breakfast at the motel on Sat morning. I had stayed in this motel before. It was a reasonable price, clean , Japanese motel in, a Japanese section of town.

There is free breakfast. On the weekend it is not that great for me since I do not eat most of what they serve. I get rice and pickles, green tea and orange juice.

The BUMMER came in with the orange juice. It was so watered down it had no flavor of being juice at all. I can understand some cut backs but this was over the top. I will be putting it in a review. However I will still recommend the place.

Friday’s session was good with Jyozen-Sensei. We had the interview first then shot some. (I will post the interview separately later).
Before shooting we had a short meditation in his little Zendo which is in his backyard. Next to that, just near that is a cemented area which is the Makiwara Dojo.

I did a couple of shots for him to critic. His first words were now “that” is Kyudo. He said I improved greatly since the last time. I was pleased I was on the right path. His main critic was I did not use the same amount of mindfulness in my upper body as I did in my stance (Ashibumi). From my years of martial arts my rooting was good by I did not continue that “mindfulness” up into my trunk and arms on a consistent basis.

After spending a couple of hours with Jyozen-Sensei I headed to my motel room. I was there early enough that I could give a couple of my old Kung Fu mates a call and setup visits for Sat. After that it was a evening of watching an odd Kung Fu movie for the evening.




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17 07 2011

One of the nice things you’ll find about Japan is that the airlines know all about yumi (and naginata, and all manner of other pointy things), so you just check them. It doesn’t even cost extra, though sometimes you do have to sign a damage waiver, which I guess is only fair.

Otherwise it sounds like you’re well prepared for the test. Relax and enjoy your time in Kyudo-World.

19 07 2011


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