LA Story-Kyudo pt*2

19 07 2011

It was nice to sleep in a while on Sat. Morning. I was up at 7:00 to have the breakfast, which I stated was a let down with the Orange Juice dilution. Afterward I went back to bed for a while, that was very nice! Later a bit of Chan-Ding (Zazen) before heading out the door to take care of business. I was not suppose to meet up with Darth or Jyozen Sensei until later.

We, Team 3M minus one, arrived at the Pasadena Dojo a little on the late side having come for a poolside party. We settled in quickly for class. It had not started as yet so we were able to beginning with the group. This practice with this group would be my own little test of how I was at doing Tai Hai.

Class started with some Zazen in a Seiza ( I need to practice that one more as well, yuk)  position. That was painful! I was told after fidgeting around that I could sit in cross leg position that was ok. Whewweeeww! We had about 10 min or so of meditation. The last time I was with this group they did Heart Sultra chatting as part of the opening. That was no longer happening but the rest of the opening was the same. The pattern and the “air” shooting (shooting with no Bow, like air-guitar), really helps one focus on the training at hand… IMHO

Next we start the shooting sequence. I got to be the third in line one round, then last, then first. It was good training. I suffered in Kiza while others got corrections when I was last. :-(. Good training for the seminar, painful but good, very good. Just like the real thing. Just what I wanted.

After three rounds it was break time. We sit in circle, have tea and chat. It is the social time. After about 20-30 min. we are back at the task of shooting. This time it is just free shots with corrections from Jyozen-Sensei. I got a good portion of suggestions and tips. Also watching and listening is helpful. Nogami Sensei says you learn from watching, you learn from doing. Sounds like the Yin and Yang of learning. I got some more details and demos on Tenouchi. Hand shape pressure, alignment. Class ran from 6-10 pm, all of the time was made use of. Thanks to the Nanka Kyudo Kai group for the hospitality and Jyozen-sensei for the instruction and guidance. It was a good visit. I had a bit of a surprise when a guy in the changing room says “hey your Zen from the ASA, I read the article about you there.” Wow never thought to hear that around here in Kyudoland. The seminar is in just a few weeks now. I am not as nervous about it as I was last year, in JAPAN!!!. There is still the apprehension but I feel more confident. I need to put in more reading the Kyohon. I think the listening to the tape I made will help.

I picked up the Yumi from DarthKyudoka. It was thinking it was 18 k however it is 22k!! It was not strung when I got it, I have yet to do that. I’m wondering if I can draw it…(yes & no I find later 😦 )

There is an open practice this Sunday coming for the seminar or anyone wanting a group practice. I will be attending unless work comes up. It will feel kind of weird. I have not perfected non-attachment. so I’m jus saying…




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