Yama Kuma…

23 07 2011

I got the Yamakuma on the trip to LA . I wanted a fiberglass Bow I could take on the Pacific passage on Zen. I wanted to be able to do a few ceremonial shots entering and leaving the ocean. I made the trade for a 6 string Bass. I was under the impression it was a 18 k bow but it is 22k!!!

I have mentioned getting a 22 k bow to a couple of people and they are a bit taken back, yeah me too!! I would really rather something lighter. Oh well. This will not be fun. Ok maybe trying to draw it once a day with give me some strength training on the boat.

I took the bow out to the parking lot at home to try to draw it. The first day I could not. The second day I got it opened … Once out of two tries. The first, the second … Pfst. However I am happy I was able to open it. I figured it will be a one shot session when I use this.

Thurs I went to class. I took Yamakuma along to get it a shot… The one shot for the night. Sensei looked over the Bow and was able to draw it. He says yeah I usually can work with a 20k .

My turn, I grabbed a Ya and took a spot in front of the makiwara. I knock the arrow and move to Ushiokoshi. At Daisan things are a bit tight but nothing I could not deal with. I went for full expansion. I made it to about 4 -6 inches before Kai…

The search for a Yumi to shoot while making the Pacific passage goes on 😦

Kind of bummed the trade did not go as planned. Sigh, oh well sometimes it happens…





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30 07 2011
D-SLR Camera

i like the japanese bow but, it’s very hard to find a master to teach me how to use the bow,

do you have any videos or tutorial and can i use a hunting bow,

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