Kyudo Chronicles: MN Seminar 2011- II

11 08 2011

“when you shoot, do not let a piece of paper disturb your spirit”

The second day was similar to day one with some changes. I started out not quite as early and made an arrow’s flight line to the cafeteria. Even though my stomach had been weird for the last couple of days with the change in diet, etc I was still hungry.

I went from there to the gym where since I was already dressed, I just put my stuff in a locker and went on the floor to ready myself. People came in bit by bit, little by little and went through their get ready agendas. I found a spot off to the side and did some Zazen, and a few warm up stretches, and Qi gong. It was interesting to watch from the sideline how different people prepared physically and mentally for the task at hand. Only a few seemed to center themselves before they handled the Yumi.

When the masters arrived we lined up and did the same reading of the Raiki-Shagi and Shaho-kun as yesterday…. before going to our group’s Shajo.

Today we had Kubota Sensei as our leader. As yesterday with Satake Sensei he watched everyone shoot, then gave his opinion. My judgement was on my Tenouchi, and aligning my shoulders. He told me that he would go into Tenouchi after he finished watching the rest shoot and the main lectures…or something like that. He was speaking Japanese, I only got the main part of it. After something , he would explain Tenouchi.

Today we had a large group lecture in another location a real classroom. The first lecture was by Satake Sensei, she spoke on training, how the samurai used Tai Hai as part of their training in everyday life. She also spoke about the spirit of Budo and Kokoro.

“Budo can be applied to every part of your life” … Satake Sensei, MN lectures

That which is right will always over come that which is wrong. That which is true will always over come that which is false. Please train so you can understand this for your self“…Satake Sensei

“Budo is the way of compassion…love”…Satake Sensei

“your spirit can be seen when you shoot”…Satake Sensei

“when you shoot do not let a piece of paper disturb your spirit”…Satake Sensei

The next lecture was by the master, Iijima Sensei. His lecture was on Rei. How it is more than just an external bow. It is a spirit, a show of respect for everything, a way of behavior. A code of ethics it could be said, in harmony with the Universe. ( Being one with the Tao )

These lectures, all I thought to be a great benefit. This was not done in Tokyo. I thought they, the lectures, added a larger dimension to the scope of training.

I made major notes. of both Satake Sensei lecture and Iijima Sensei’s lecture.

After the two lectures we returned to the dojos where Kubota Sensei gave his lecture and instruction on Tenouchi.

“there is mind/ spirit things happening in shooting, but without some technique behind it they are useless”…Kubota Sensei, MN lectures

Kubota Sensei gave an in depth run down on Tenouchi. Theory wise it made sense, doing it was another matter. The phrase ” Easier said than done ” comes to mind. He covered the topic well and gave demos.

This was the meat of the day for us and we soon broke up for dinner. The day was a two part one as we had a banquet that evening.


It was a casual formal gathering. Most people looked different all dress up. A few of the ladies looked especially fine. I’ll say no more than that to stay out of trouble. After wandering around for 10 min or so I happened across my spot at a table. I sat with a group that had a large showing of Canadians. I like Canadians they are good people, at least most of those I have met.

The food itself was ok. I had Salmon. I was unsure how having Salmon in the Midwest was going to be…it was ok. The gathering was more about the sociableness of the dinner than the food.
Yoshiko Sensei and Hartman Sensei were pretty funny with their welcoming speeches, well it was her speech. Yoshiko Sensei wanted to speak in Japanese with Hartman Sensei translating to English. However she kept slipping back and forth from Japanese to English with Hartman Sensei following as she switched up randomly.

The evening ended on a good note with everyone going home with smiles and some with a bit of a tilt from the open bar…




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11 08 2011

I’m enjoying the day-by-day run down of events and photos to go along. Thanks for the memories!

12 08 2011
Rick Matz


14 08 2011
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