Kyudo Chronicles: MN Seminar 2011- Kai

12 08 2011

The early morning routine had no change from the day before. Well, other than the stirring thought, a quivering thought of; it all comes down to tomorrow! After breakfast I head to the gym. I have my routine set now . Today though I am more assertive with my warm ups. I do more Zazen and today I do some silk reeling drills. These are a series of drills done for Tai Chi to raise chi levels in the body and loosen joints for Tai Chi practice.

They can be used alone of course. There are I have found several Qi-Gong drills that are perfect for Kyudo training. Maybe when I become a Renshi I will have them as part of my class (hahahahahahah 🙂 )…or at least an article for the Kyudo Alliance Mag.

As I am walking over to my Yumi afterwards I cross paths with the Queen, Satake Sensei . I bow, she smiles and starts repeating my silk reeling drills. I ask if she knows Tai Chi and do a small portion. She returns the smile and copies the movement of sorts and says no. We both smile, bow, and go our separate ways. I think wow . I just had a personal moment with the queen, cool!

It is time for the morning opening ceremony. After we finish I see that today we are working with the master, Iijima Sensei. I am a bit nervous . We do our thing and my trouble spot is my Tenouchi. The problem was the lower part of my hand was not staying in contact with the Yumi. 😦

While others were getting their judgment on shooting I spent some time speaking with Ed Sensei asking about Tenouchi and what I thought was my correction.

During some of the break times, over the last couple of days I noticed that a few people I know were having neck and shoulder pains from the stress/tension of the event. I would help a couple of them with some accupressure. Today one of the ladies I know from the LA school comes over and asks if I would help her friend with her arm pain. I did a combination of accupressure and my Sifu’s healing Qi Gong. The woman said it helped a lot. I was a hero 🙂

Iijima Sensei called my group back to the shajo. He was not pleased. He had made two list of people. One had problems with Tenouchi, the other with the right hand, Torikake. He said some people may be on both lists. If not on either list they were really good or beyond help in the time set for this seminar. (0.0)

I thought I was on both list, but was really only on the Tenouchi list. I did not check my number, duh!  Sensei gave us a hard lecture on Tenouchi and what was expected if us after having been showed by Kubota Sensei the day before. In short he gave us hell, or maybe I just felt that way. I spent the rest of the day questioning my Sensei and another about what I thought was the correction to my problem which I thought was I was not deep enough with my thumb grip. Both sensei’s agreed my correction should help.

The other group on the list by Iijima Sensei was on the Torikake. While checking over people shooting he also checked their Kake ( wow, who knew!) to see how it was being used, how the grip was, if we were using the powder correctly to get not only grip but a good release. I was not in this list, yokatta! That was something I was doing right…at least enough …for now.

The rest of the afternoon after the beat-down lecture was spent on practicing timing for the test on Friday, that was good getting more use to maintaining a flow.

Thursday we ended the regular time. After dinner I did nothing special after checking with the Kyudo Supply vender for a few things. Many went back to the gym after dinner to practice. I did not. I spent the time using the quiet for me. I read, I played my flute, I studied, I watched “bleach”, a Japanese anime I like . I had planned on turning in early but that did not quite happen. After the evening shower I read some more since I took a nap right after class so I wasn’t that sleepy.

I was still concerned about my Tenouchi when I went to bed finally, still holding what I thought to be the correct position. This was my main concern for test day…




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