Meetup at the Dojo

16 10 2011

In the middle of our move from a land based operation to WaterWorld we took the afternoon off to go to a Kyudo Demo. This of course threw our moving time off and I ended up finishing at 3:30 am.

The Japanese Art and Cultural center in Saratoga held and open house. All the Japanese arts taught at the center were asked to demo. Karate, Kendo , Aikido, Kyudo, Calligraphy all had their spots.

LZ and I went to the demo as I was to help with the Kyudo. There were four of us to do shooting. There were only three Makiwara setup. Everyone did the pre-shoot steps. However as we had too many shooters and not enough Makiwara I choose to stay out of the final real shot with an arrow and I just help retrieve the Ya afterward. The time was short only 1 hour for setup and demo.

The trip was not a waste though. Our friends the Tokyo Posse came up from Monterey to meet us at the Dojo. We had not seen them in a while so it was pleasant to catch up.

We had lunch at a sushi place , however it was not that good. One of those Korean Owned places. Not bad but something is missing from the taste.

We wanted to go to a izaikaiya that our friend spoke highly of, but sadly it was not open for lunch on Sundays. Bummer, I was looking forward to that. This place is suppose to be like being back in Japan.

After lunch we went to a bakery next do some dessert. The desserts were good. Not a Japanese bakery but the taste was light and flavorful very Japanese style. Sho-kun thought the desserts look good also.

We will have to plan on another trip to San Jose to hit the Izakaiya. I have a jones (craving) for some serious Japanese good food and drink…yosh!