Blessing on this National Day of Mourning for Native peoples

25 11 2011

Since the moving to the boat most of my time has been spent adjusting and settling in to life at WaterWorld.


There has not been much time for anything else. I have attended one session with Shifu on our Friday practice and one Kyudo session with Sensei.


However nothing regular for practice. There was a potluck Thankgiving dinner at Sifu’s school this past Sat. There were lots of good veggie foods. I am noticing more veggie dishes are turning up at these events. Nice for me. Yummmm.

I did make a discovery the other day. While setting up a place for the Yumi to live on the boat, I found that I could string and un-string a Yumi in the gallery there is plenty of room for that. Well maybe not plenty but enough.

In the process of making  home for weapons of art, I learned the sailor’s way of String Art and made several hanging ties for misc pieces.

I believe  I am the only cruising yacht that is set up to hold a Yumi, Ya’s, Kali sticks,

Chinese sword, sakuhachi, shamisen,


bass guitar, keyboard, flute plus the regular traveling stuff. I am ready for making music or battle. 🙂