13 02 2012

A few months ago I found out my neighbor is a guitar player. We had spoke of jamming some together. The first attempt did not go well we could not get a hookup. Last Sat we finally made a hookup and had a short session in my office. He is planning on going into the studio this spring to make a demo and wants me to play bass and second guitar. Love it when I get to put on my music hat.

The guy brought along a few tapes of his songs. They were ok, simple rock stuff nothing that was complex. After I listened to the one he wants to record , I played along with the tape and him to get a feel for some patterns and licks to add. The whole practice session went ok. Nothing to make a great blog post about but it was nice to make music again. Next session we’ll be a bit more structured and relaxed.

He wanted to hear some of my recordings, I am looking for a cd with a couple of my songs. As things like that are mostly packed up, it is a search mission to undertake. 😦




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14 02 2012
Rick Matz


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