19 02 2012

After spending some 10 yrs putting myself through school, two degrees and several certificates I never thought I would be working seven jobs to survive on the year of filing for retirement . Life is full of these unexpected changes in fortune. Going from a fortune 500 job with my own office to working seven part time job and still struggling to get by.
So let’s see what the seven are:
Security guard – 20 hrs a week
Store clerk/ stock – 20 hrs a week
Sailing instructor – 12 -24 hrs a month
Asst Harbormaster – 32 hrs a month
Graphic designer – 10 hrs a month
Martial Art instructor – 3 hrs a week
Graphic instructor – 2.5 hrs a week

Out of 7 jobs only three give me satisfaction, my Graphic work with Aoki Yachts, teaching Kung Fu and teaching Sailing. The clerk/stocking job gives me great discounts on my boat stuff. It is though a fair amount of work at times . Lifting, climbing, walking Five hours…tired at the end of the day. It does make me have more respect for LZ she is at it eight hours doing retail, plus dealing with home stuff and me.   So almost half of my work gives me some lift. This is a blessing though, others have it worse, some have no job, no cars, no boat. In fact no roof over their head. So with seven job in hard times, my guardians are on the JOB. _/|\_

Having this jobs in tough times is a blessing however it does make it difficult to do anything else but work, eat, sleep in between. So far I am keeping it together. However I am not as productive on other projects, and time is creeping toward the cast off date.

Still with all this preparation as I look at the whole picture moving to Japan maybe the best thing for me. I see no real future here in the States.  Well unless I want to run a marine consignment store. Nothing wrong with that… but all those years of schooling down the tubes. Hmmm the Buddhist way, none attachment right. There is no past , no future only now.

I can not help but wonder what will life in Japan bring. We will have some base income from my retirement but I will still have to work to survive…and pay old bills. Hopefully less than here, and more fulfilling.  I have to maintain a vision to manifest. With some PT work with a band, teaching some Tai Chi, and maybe some boat chartering or something for Aoki Yachts we can live ok, and better if LZ can get some P/T work as well. We could have a fairly comfortable life.

I’m hopeful I do not have to work as much and can do some enjoyable stuff. Ceramics, sailing, exploring Japan, kyudo, photography, make music. I do not have big dreams these days. Just for some comfortable senior years would be nice. It should be an interesting story retiring to Japan at my age, few do it, and even fewer of my background…yosh!




3 responses

19 02 2012
Rick Matz

I wish you the best in your move to Japan.

19 02 2012

Arigatou, Tomodachi! _/|\_

30 04 2012

What about an exhibition in Italy?

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