Blu Pel Ryu Do

3 03 2012

Blu Pel Ryu Do sounds like a Japanese martial art or lunch.

“The world is our Dojo”… Kyudo saying

I was sore last night and parts are still today. I discovered some new aches and pains yesterday while teaching / warming up for Kung Fu. Some leg soreness and upper body. This was after a particularly active day at the Pelican.

Moving sails out of the loft, sorting, moving next door, up stairs, restocking the left overs on a shelf. Yeah, it was work. So I noticed some soreness, legs are ok from stance training, upperbody soreness more noticeable.

Not a big deal however this did in turn get me to thinking.

“Everything is Kung Fu training”… Kung Fu saying

This is a Kung Fu philosophy, I flashed on this and got to thinking with the depth of training I am receiving at the Blue Pelican I am learning more than just stocking and operations, it is a form of Kung Fu a “way” A Tao or ” Do” as they say in Japan. This is both a mental and a physical training. I’m sure with a little thought I can see the spiritual aspect of this ” training path” the Blu Pel Ryu Do. I should call the owner Sensei. His knowledge on boats and retail operation is pretty vast, for sure “master” level. Lifting, climbing, walking, the physical training.

I used to watch a lot of old Kung Fu movies. This how they trained, just regular hard work, washing dishes, plowing fields, chopping wood, that sort of thing. Depending on what the family did training varied. A cook would develop by chopping wood for the fire, storing some soup or something, washing dishes. A carpenter would learn from sawing, hammering, wood turning, and so on. So here is me the Kung Fu sailing Padawan, lifting sails for weight training, climbing stairs with the sail for legs, climbing ladders for balance…Everything is Kung Fu training.

Oh so the mental. Besides learning about what goes where, what this and that part, I am getting training from the Master on selling, customer philosophy, display arrangement. Not just putting items on a shelf, but giving thought to what is going where. Attention to detail, are the coat hangers all the same color and facing the same way. As when doing a tea ceremony or walking meditation, or Kyudo. Mindfulness of the moment, details. Training in humility, from dusting the shelves, waiting on the customers. Weapons training from the dust mop handles, Coiling lines, math from counting change…

`Spiritual training comes from watching how the Sensei (owner) and his wife deal fairly and ethical with their staff and customers. I read once that if one’s employees are unhappy the bottom line will be effected positively. Everyone has value, everyone gets respect at the Blu Pel. It is the customers and staff that keep the store running. The spiritual value on the Ecological philosophy of recycling ( my thoughts). In a way this is a bigger deal than arrangement operations or displays. The spiritual values go beyond a job description. Like the principals of the Shaolin philosophy Cha’n (Zen), go beyond it’s combat training, (wushu)

So there it is a full “Do” system, physical , mental, spiritual training.

Blue Pelican KungFu aka: Blu Pel Fu…or Blu Pel Ryu Do. Not just a job, not just a great place to save money on boating supplies, not just a place to practice environmental compassion by recycling,  but a path of training in life, a “Do”. Or…

It could just be me tripping, I have been known to be weird at times.




3 responses

3 03 2012
rick beal

I like it. Great ‘trip’ if you ask me. Thanks for sharing.

3 03 2012
Fuu Miyatani French

Arigatou Gozaimasu _/|\_

3 03 2012
Rick Matz

Your head is in the right place.

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