Lawyers, taxes and debt oh my

24 03 2012


Parts of getting ready to move is not all about preparing the boat. It is tax season, I did not file last year. Well I did but only partly. 2010 our condo was sold it was a short sale which meant tax issues…big time. I needed to hire a lawyer to handle the tax prep. Which meant $$$$, of which we did not have. This year our taxes are much simpler but I need to have them taken care of, for real! I found a deceit tax lawyer/ accountant to handle things but it will cost, ofcourse.  However I do feel better having someone on the job to settle things.

So with finally getting the Coast Guard documentation for the boat and now a lawyer to handle our taxes things are coming along. The next thing is our PB aka credit card debt. After losing my job and having to basically live off plastic to fill the gaps really put us in the money hole.  We want to try to do the right thing and get things settled rather than just bail. The President gave the banks and auto industry a bailout but us regular workers are left to fend for ourselves… Pretty much sucks! We could use a bailout, debt forgiven , interest reduction, something. However it seems like if you have money you can get a break, but if you are a 9-5 er you suffer.

Anyway I do not want to get started on how messed up the system is…everyone already knows that…think about it, I do!

I do not know yet how much the tax resolution is going to cost, I expect it to be painful. Perhaps one must suffer to remove the monkey off ones back. However the monkey is suppose to make you feel good. Paying Taxes does not…Sooo hmmm…something is off here.
Then the debt thing, it needs to be reduced in order to go with the Japan move. We are not behind on anything, but what a struggle…8 jobs ( and we’re not Jamaican: see in Living color) income to get by and we live simple mostly. I suppose there is always bankruptcy, corps do it, they are people…right. They say, …well the banks and tax makers say so for their purposes. Anyway, onward. Ganbarimasu. Training on another level …another chance to deepen my Zen practice…Yosh

“They say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one”… John Lennon.




One response

27 03 2012

Ah, sorry to hear about the tax woes. I agree that the system is far from what it should be. In fact recently it began to strike me as completely bizarre that people (including the ones in government) spend their lives seeking profits for themselves rather than trying to make this a better world for everyone. Isn’t that strange?

But if it’s any consolation, the faster you deal with the tax stuff the better off you are, otherwise the taxes, penalties, and interest just keep compounding. I found that out the hard way.

Do whatever you can now to simplify your US tax situation so that when you get over here you won’t have complicated tax weirdness in both countries. Ordinary tax accountants in Japan charge something like $350 just to do a simple return, so if you have to do two of them (US and JP) it adds up fast. And of course, if the situation is complicated, they can charge whatever they like. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

On the plus side, the yen is still strong, so once you start making yen ithe money should go a long way. Gambare!

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