Do not let a piece of paper, disturb your spirit…

7 04 2012

Another Monday practice at RSD. I guess it was productive but I was not pleased. I did get more hits, as in three , maybe 4 out of 20. I shot better two years ago. I’m not sure why. The problem with solo practice is you have to analyze yourself . Not an easy thing to do.

I guess at this level and with the target as a sounding board it can be done by trail and error. Not something one can do with shooting and doing tai hai, unless you tape yourself.

Yet even then useless you know what you are looking for you can not tell what is right or not. In this case it is about hitting the target. Which goes against what I was learning in the beginning with the Chikorin-ha school…in the beginning.

Even now it is said in the Kyhon it is not all about hitting…not all. Yet it is said in the test breakdown one should hit the target and it is better on the first shot. So now I’m thinking all about hitting…perhaps too much. I heard some have failed their test or lost points from being too focused on the hit and not the quality of the shot. There is that balance demon creeping. I supposed one should be more focused on the quality of the shot and let the hitting take care of itself but unless you hit at Yodan level and that is a must, you fail. I have heard at San -Dan some have missed yet still passed. In fact a guy I trained with was pissed at the Tokyo test because he missed hitting at the test before that one and failed. Yet in Tokyo some missed and still passed.

“Spirit and technique are one…Satake Mariko Sensei “The Queen”

Maybe their quality was better…or the judges were feeling generous that day because so many had traveled so far.

Side note just in: I was told I was the first to send in payment and lock in my place at the Summer seminar…Yosh!