The path to Aug…hope

12 05 2012

I went to Kyudo class on Thurs. It had been a while, so I figured I needed to go. Especially with the scores I have been having as of late with my solo practice.

There were not many in class and just one new guy who had done other MA. I did not get much in the way of instruction, Sensei was busy. I went through tai hai with the group. I also did some internal work on my draw. Sensei said there was nothing standing out wrong and asked how my distance shots were doing. Not that well I say. I told him about my self analysis. He said you are at a level were you can self correct. It is just easier with someone there. He said if I can manage a Sunday he could go trough some 28 meters with me. Cool I am off for the next couple of Sundays so I can go to the range. This will help in Aug.

Oh yeah, I did get called to the front on the class, for this:

Monday; I went out to RSD to practice after work. It was a nice spring morning. Perfect for some practice. I planned to make a full morning practice out of the session, not just shoot. I generally start with Zazen, today I changed up. I did Tai Chi first that was my phyical warm up. This how we do in Chan class. The warmup Chi Gung then sitting.

Then I did Zazen. I do not know if made any difference but I seemed to focus better…maybe. I figured Kyudo is more like sitting Chan at times than moving Chan behalf on some level Rai Chi will help the sitting , the sitting will help the Kyudo.

The first round was not impressive. The second was an improvement. By the last round out of 5, I seemed to have worked out the kinks. Including my right hand Tenouchi. I decided I was not releasing smooth enough because my grip was too tight possibly cause the arrow to jump…or something. I change that and my percentage went up. On the last round I felt I was going to make 4 of 4,  however the last shot was just as the sun was shifting and I had glare right in my eye and could not focus. Otherwise I was rolling on the last group.

I left feeling it was a good day of practice , there is hope. Maybe even worth it not to go see the Avengers that day. I will do that next week.




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