Wet Monday…surprise!

6 06 2012

It is an unusual day. It is June here in Northern Ca and it is raining !

Not a down pour but steady and wet. It is a good day for Kyudo, inside, fairly warm, mostly dry. Listening to the rain beat on the roof and come in through the broken windows. The broken ones for the most part are covered with plastic but… You get the idea.

I am off this afternoon from the second day job. I can get in a good Monday morning practice.

Here at the Dojo now. Courtesy of my iTouch I can blog anywhere. I just lite the ceremonial incense. it is raining more now but not enough to really be heard here inside with the blower from next door going. Still it has that rainy day vibe about the place as I begin my session with some Tai Chi then Zazen before shooting.

Nothing special in mind today just a general practice, with no expectations.

The first and second sets of six shots turned out at 50%. Not great, but it is a fighting chance. Overall my shooting feels tighter, I feel confident I can pull of 60% or more by test time. I am looking to improve my form and presence enough that even if I miss I will look good enough to pass…It is not all about hitting, the training, the practice is also about form, beauty and looking cool… it is shin-zen-bi …Yosh!

“According to the Nippon Kyudo Federation the supreme goal of kyudo is the state of shin-zen-bi, roughly “truth-goodness-beauty”, “

So with this in mind when I train it is much about the spirit, the KI of training and form as it is about the technical, eg: hitting side. I feel much better about my shooting when I can do a full training session with Tai Chi, Zazen and shooting. It is more of a Holistic, spiritual practice than just shooting a bow and arrow…at least to me.

The seminar and test should be more fun this year. The first year I knew no one. Second year I knew a few people but still I was alone basically from my school. This year there are two of my old companions from Chikorin ha dojo attending. They have converted to the Federation. One of which is my sempai and in my Dojo. Plus with all the peeps I have connected with via FB from Kyudo, it should be an interesting session.