Changes in the Den

7 07 2012

It was were the big controversy started some two years ago…Tanuki Dojo. Where the ronin rebels gathered to shoot with no restriction to style or boundaries. WHooo that created a stir.

At that time the word of a gathering lead by a Renmei teacher outside of the established protocol spread like wildfire. Even though no one in the student group was a Renmei, at least a welcomed Renmei student, feathers were ruffled…greatly. Someone needed to be blamed.

I will not go further in to history. It is a new day now and the “feathers” have been steamed and all is well. At least on the surface.

The original four Ronin were for the most part are parting ways due to life’s changes. The most senior member was moving back home and was to study with a main leader of a sub-independent Renmei group. That shot just outside the blessing of the NRA, but had one foot in the Renmei door since the head instructors are Certified Renmei Renshi. It is complex…

Another of the Four ( me) will be off shortly to Japan and will have new loyalties.

Number Three of Four will be giving up Kyudo at least for a while. He is not only taking a break but down sizing his equipment possessions. He put many of his things up for sale. I was able to pickup some spare equipment cheap!

The final sempai will still be around, yet now studying under the Renmei colors.

Added to this are two new seekers of the true Kyudo path.

This was as far as we knew the last gathering of the original Tanuki group.



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