Kyudo Chronicles – UC Davis – 2

22 08 2012

Day 2

Breakfast was fun. I sat with my two Dojo brethren from the Ronin RSD. It was good to have them there. Two years ago when I was rejected by a couple of Senseis to join their Dojo we shot together and cause a large controversy by having a private seminar from an out of town Sensei.  Today, one of those Senseis sat with us, we laughed and joked a lot. We were quite loud in our humor. Not obnoxiously  but louder than everyone else there. It was good.

It was the first day if the real lessons. The first day for my group was just being evaluated. Below Nidan started their real lessons on Tues.

Today Nidan and Sandan worked Sakuma Sensei. As we were lining up the Sensei saw me and said thank you for taking us around last night ( in Japanese he does not speak English) and smiled. I was surprised. I bowed and said doitashimaste.

After a small talk he had us shoot. When my taichi came up and it was my turn he says , your name is Fuu in Japan right? Now I am really surprised. I just smile bowed my head and said Hai. Thinking, am I suppose to get into a conversation with him or shoot. I figured shoot and started on the sequence.

Kubota sensei had given us, as a group, a change yesterday in standing timing and the use of four fingers to cover the nock , no matter three finger glove or four fingers. Today I got my change. First, my daisan did not need to point at the target until I was in Kai. Next my Tenouchi was falling apart upon hanare. This was a big problem! This kept me busy the rest of the week. So now in addition to my weirded out tummy, having to hit the target, make sure I have spin on my Yumi, I need to correct my Tenouchi! Not an easy task.

So now this is my challenge for the seminar. All day I am forming, un-forming.

That evening was the banquet. Everyone always looks so different all cleaned and dressed. I sat at a good table. Several of the people I knew from another place and time.

Earlier that day there was a guy in the men’s room rinsing out plastic water bottles. I said, you are not supposed to refill those! He said ” it is for Shochu” . I said that is worst, the liquid will leach the plastic into the drink. I hope this is not for long term. He no.

One of those bottles was on the dinner table…

Once dinner and the festivities were over I headed out to the drug store. I had been given another task, find some thank you cards for the Sensei. Being the senior rank has responsibilities. I got three cards , ice tea, and Pepto Bismal and headed back to the dorm. There I checked my email and tried to study the Kyohon for a while. One of the interesting aspects of Kyudo is reading and understanding the philosophy. I find the book interesting. It was somewhat distracting with all the night noises, and laughing going on in the hall. It was indeed just like being back in college. Around midnight I gave it up and went to bed. Day 3 was tomorrow…Yosh!




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23 08 2012

It is amazing how good their memories are. When you run into these same teachers again in Japan they will probably remember not only you, but the way you shoot, in fine detail, and might even comment on changes you’ve made (for better or worse!). Taking care of the teachers is an honour that, at least at our dojo, it’s usually reserved for the highest ranking people, so regardless of how the test went, you’ve built another bridge that will serve you well.

23 08 2012

Another bridge Indeed! Karamatsu-san. My thoughts as well. Also being one of the maybe 4 people of my hue in Kyudo worldwide, and with a Japanese name, I am not hard to remember. 🙂

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