Meetup at the Dojo

16 10 2011

In the middle of our move from a land based operation to WaterWorld we took the afternoon off to go to a Kyudo Demo. This of course threw our moving time off and I ended up finishing at 3:30 am.

The Japanese Art and Cultural center in Saratoga held and open house. All the Japanese arts taught at the center were asked to demo. Karate, Kendo , Aikido, Kyudo, Calligraphy all had their spots.

LZ and I went to the demo as I was to help with the Kyudo. There were four of us to do shooting. There were only three Makiwara setup. Everyone did the pre-shoot steps. However as we had too many shooters and not enough Makiwara I choose to stay out of the final real shot with an arrow and I just help retrieve the Ya afterward. The time was short only 1 hour for setup and demo.

The trip was not a waste though. Our friends the Tokyo Posse came up from Monterey to meet us at the Dojo. We had not seen them in a while so it was pleasant to catch up.

We had lunch at a sushi place , however it was not that good. One of those Korean Owned places. Not bad but something is missing from the taste.

We wanted to go to a izaikaiya that our friend spoke highly of, but sadly it was not open for lunch on Sundays. Bummer, I was looking forward to that. This place is suppose to be like being back in Japan.

After lunch we went to a bakery next do some dessert. The desserts were good. Not a Japanese bakery but the taste was light and flavorful very Japanese style. Sho-kun thought the desserts look good also.

We will have to plan on another trip to San Jose to hit the Izakaiya. I have a jones (craving) for some serious Japanese good food and drink…yosh!


Blackness in Flux in Okinawa:

14 02 2011

And now for something completely different. The post here usually have to do with me directly, this one indirectly…

This is Black History month, so I thought this would be a good post. I went to a presentation the other day given by my friend who runs the blog Grits and Sushi. She and other Blasian woman gave this talk at UC Berkeley. Both of the women are from a Nubian father and a Okinawan mother. My friend was born here in the states and the other woman was born in Okinawa in Black Town. They have different perspective on life as a Blasian both here and Okinawa.

It was interesting listening to the angles of life in Okinawa. In a way it is said Okinawans are the Blacks of Japan. The Okinawans both looked down on people of color ( Blacks & Browns),  there and yet held them in high regard, do to their kindness to the Okinawan and the sameness of their suffering as second class people. The Okinawan women who had mixed children often had very hard lives and were considered trash by some.

Another guy who was also of mixed background had some very sad tales to tell of Okinawa during the occupations times. It is so sad people can be so heartless to others.

There will be a continuation of this presentation next month, this time there will be an added speaker, another friend of mine, who runs the blog Black Tokyo who spent time in Okinawa in the Marines. He will give his perspective on mixed relations there in Okinawa. Check out their blog for more info on this topic. It is a sad, educational and interesting topic.

Nihon style in America

2 01 2010

Yesterday was the first day of the year. LZ and I had a pretty laid back day.

I was up a 6:00am doing my Zazen and then some computer stuff. I ended up falling back asleep and sleep for a couple of hours. Part from the early start, part from the late night before, part from being sore fro New Years Eve ceremonial shoot. It was a great training and gave me several levels of break through. The aftermath of painful discomfort is nothing compared to the gain. That can be said for many things in life ne! Perhaps we will even think that of life once we are done here…but I digress.

LZ rang the lunch bell around noon, she had prepared a Japanese style lunch. It was small but filling. Some things we had purchased at the local Japanese market, somethings she made all of it was Oishii.

We had a small shrine for her father and my brother setup as well. We shared the traditional New Years Sake drink with Otosan in the family heirloom Sake set. we had a couple of different kinds of Sake, one which had gold flakes. There are more pictures @ Zen’s Kaze ( while there make a click donation or two, send Zen to Nihon) 🙂

Afterwards LZ went to work, I went to the marina, to organize s/v Zen for the New Year. Part of Japanese tradition is to have things cleaned and organized for the New Year. I was running a day with with that for the Boat, but Shigatakunai ( ok this is most likely spelled wrong).

Anyway we are off to a good start…Minasan Ganbattemasho ne!

Good things in small packages…loving day 09

15 06 2009

There were a few friends that able to share some time in celebration of Loving Day. The few were enough to share some food, smiles, stories and energy. LZ’s food efforts drew second and third helpings and in some cases fourths. There were a couple of surprises none of which were unpleasant. The only sadness were the faces we missed, maybe next year.  I will not waste space with a lot of words instead I will just post a few pictures, which they say speak more.

Happy Loving month to all the “blended couples”.








This n That , That n This

16 05 2009

bodhidharmaIt is a quiet Sat here on the Island. I had my Tai Chi Fu class this morning. Myself and one student. No matter, she got a good private lesson. She has been with me for over 7 yrs and wil be leaving soon fot the East Coast. It is good for her to receive some one on one lessons, she has been dedcated student I will miss her. We went through standard warmup stufff, Chi Kung, Some yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi walk, Tai Chi, then worked on her sword form. It is nice to practice in the peace of the morning chi. It was a good start to the day.

We had some yin and yang moments yesterday, LZ got her transfer approved for a new store closer to home. Full time and a starting time, we were not expecting that…yay!. Our pickup truck passed smog test, …yay!!!!! no problem at all. I could have gone to a cheaper place for the test, but I was unsure if it would need work, I’m glad at least I found a little cheaper place than first picked so did save some cash there, yokatta! I got busted and fined by EDD for a couple of days work that I did not claim on my form when I first got reappoved…doh, yuk!  I did not do it on purpose, just plain overlooked it. Anyway I sent the overpayment back, and hope there will be no further reperscussions. That could be a painful error. The next big break we need os for me to get hired.

LZ made us a nice lunch on the Lanai today, our first sitting out there. It was a pleasant day for sitting there. She had put some effort into it, white table cloth, sake and wine drinks and a sandwich.  Nice, arigato gozaimashita!

I finally did the last big part of our move… of sorts, I brought the boat s/v Zen down from our old home area..yatta. It was a nice easy pleasant trip which I wrote about in the “by Sea” blog. It involved travel by Car, Train, bike, foot and boat, to complete everything, and it all went well, sugoi!

I am looking forward to our interracial loving day (  house warming next month, seems like that will be our first visitors since being here after 3 months. After that we will have a few other non-mixed friends over . The Loving day plan just happened to fall together with the idea , the date, the people. It should be fun. It is a little bonus to sort out just who are our friends…I’ll just leave that at that (^_^)

This month is half over, wow, soon I’ll be heading off to Zen and Kyudo practice in the mountain again. It should be better having done it before, so I can prepare phyically and mentally better. Anyway that is at some other time, now is now, and I need to be here now. On with the day, Yosh!!