The road to here

In the beginning

Mum & DadMum & Dad




we 4The crew


Horton streethome street Philly


the cribThe crib, 422 Horton, west Philly, Boot hill gang turf


Time fades wayWhat a long strange trip it’s been



Cooks cornerGramp house in Va, the best of times.



One of these day I will get around to filling in stuff on here

Here is a rough start:


We lived on Horton street when I was a kid, in West Philly. Not the best of hoods, but far from the worst. I hated Philly, I was always worried about the gangs, and it was COLD in the winter, yuk! My favorite place after I discovered it was the library. I really liked the old buildings in Philly though downtown was nice, I loved visiting the museum.

However my favorite place was visiting my grandparents in Virgina. Partly because I had the run of things, the others was I could go anywhere fearless. My mothers father owned, a farm, gas station, beergarden ( bar), & restaurant. I got to work all of them kind of i did not work in the beergarden just cleaned up afterwards. I was able ot spend a couple of winters in Virgina that to me was very cool. even though a lot of work and at times hardships, because my grandfather was very strict. However I thought he was a great man, yet fearsome at times.

I went to Va state College as a automotive tech, major. I was my dream to run race car and have my own shop at that time in life. I dabbled with auto design and music but I did not think I was that good or get much encouragement.

I got married and had my first son while in college , so did not finish until many years later.

I went to work as a mechanic to support myself and the family. Later down the road I got the chance to go to California, which was always my dream place to be, so I took the chance and went there on vacation. 2 days before I was to return I found a job.

After a couple of years I grew to hate the work as a mechanic. As well as were I was in life and my environment. It was not not a good personal time. Divorce came and went.

One day I was in a car accident, not bad, but I took advantage of it to take some time from working to bring my music skills up. Shortly after going back to work a big recession hit and I was layed off from the car dealer. I set out to be a full time musician. I played local clubs around hollywood, anywhere and everywhere I could including the famous Sunset strip. After a while I ended with a band going on tour to Canada. It was not as they said it would be, but I had a good time with some lasting memories.

After that I went to Hawaii where I stayed for almost a year. It was very difficult, but I still loved it there. (Lady Zen would like to stay a year there before going to Japan.)

Back on the mainland, I changed gears a bit, went back to school for more music study and took just some regular jobs as well as took up Shaolin Kung Fu with Kam Yuen, the teacher of David Carridine and actor/stuntman, fight director for the Kung Fu TV show. Later I was to end up working for him at his school first part time, then as full time manger of the school, martial art supply and the health food store. This was to be a major influence on my life. I finally found I thought something I could do and be a musician… It was a good thought … I thought.


Some 10 yrs later , with a lot of Kung Fu practice, and dreamy ideals , I remarried and headed back to the East Coast. The plan was to setup a school, health food, supply shop the in Virginia. That was the big plan, the small plan of it was to at least have a school and teach while doing some music.

Virginia turn out to be far from the dreamland…

to be continued


6 responses

12 03 2008

Hello. Your site is very interesting. I study Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in New York City. I am also interested in practicing archery as a form of meditation. I have a question…is Tai Chi Mantis Fist a mixture, or blending of Tai Chi, and Northern Shoalin Praying Mantis? I would love to correspond with you, as you are a very interesting teacher, and individual. Thanks.


1 03 2009

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16 10 2009
Jesse Diaz

Hey man, Do you happen to know where I could learn Taiji Mantis in Tokyo? I learned the first form ba da ma bu(八大媽步)- 8 horse stances- when I was living in Hong Kong. Then I learned something else called tan tui. I would like to continue my training but it’s hard to find exactly what I’m looking for in Tokyo. Tokyo is a huge city, though, so I know there must be something out there.

Thanks a lot,


31 03 2010

Very nice and interesting.

18 08 2010
Your Sis

How cool was this, bro! I was looking for a photo of Cook’s Corner and came upon your website — thanks!

29 01 2012

Sounds like your life has been one wild ride!

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