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14 02 2010

And now for something completely different…

You are wondering, why does Zen have a picture of men’s urinals on his blog. Well my inquisitive minded friend (s) this is what it is a grout.

This is the men’s room at one of the Halls at UC Berkeley. We have our East Bay Chan ( Zen) Group meetings here. Well not HERE in the Loo, but in this building. This Loo is on the 3rd floor.

It looks like a plain Urinal wall from a far, but up close are examples of the wit of the future leaders of America. In between the tiles written in the grout are re-grouted saying such as…

It’s a grout time…

I’m coming grout…

To grout or not to grout…

Grout of the closet…

Grout me in…

The Grout depression…

Grout cho marx

I thought it would be something different to blog a Grout 🙂

…and now back to our regular programing



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14 02 2010

Much appreciated! A library where I worked had poems pinned to the door just at eye height (girls loo of course) It started with John Betjeman (a favourite gentle English poet)

“Here I sit, alone and fifty
“Bald and fat and full of sin
“Cold the seat and loud the cistern
“As I read the Harpic tin.”

It gathered momentum, and everyone posted an interesting or favourite poem , it was called “Poetry At Your Convenience” (a pun which us librarians enjoyed!) Was good reading too!

31 07 2013

crocs 修理

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